ReputationTime Monthly Meetup Gin & Tonic Lunch: Movies to Watch

At our second ReputationTime Monthly Meetup Gin & Tonic Lunch we decided to share our recommendations on movies to watch. International conference ReputationTime will focus on reputation management and leadership, therefore we invited each participant to share their recommendations on movies to watch about leadership.
Bookmark this link as a list of the movies is quite long but definitely worth to watch as they are accurately chosen and each of them carries a meaningful story, values, and leadership characteristics. Hope you will find something for your taste. Save the date – next Monthly Meetup will be on April 1, 2016! No jokes on this one.

ReputationTime Monthly Meetup Dry Martini Lunch

Friday, February 5th might have been an ordinary Friday for some, but for us it was the beginning of new tradition. From now on we are organising Monthly Meetups for those who are interested in reputation management, leadership and communications. No dashboards, no presentations, just people who came together during lunch to share their favorite book, movie, music, meetings with people, who inspire. The first meetup was a big success – the people, the atmosphere, pleasant conversations gave uplifting feeling and inspiration for the upcoming weeks.

The story behind ReputationTime new visual identity

Created for the first time in Paris in January 2013 and challenging reputation issues since the beginning, the ReputationWar cycle of conferences from now on will be known as ReputationTime. Following the new trends organizers have developed a new design experience together with the partner-agency OZOLS IR for your visual delight at the conference this year.