Jurģis Liepnieks: Reputācija

Ideālā valstī, kuru kaut kur būtu izveidojusi ideāla sabiedrība, laba reputācija visticamāk būtu sekundārs labums, kurš automātiski nāk līdzi labi padarītam darbam, augstiem sasniegumiem un krietnai rīcībai. Savukārt slikta reputācija tikpat automātiski būtu neizbēgamas sekas nekrietnai rīcībai un riebīgam raksturam.

How to recognise fake news?

We are keeping our traditions alive – ReputationTime Meetups where we meet to discuss interesting topics, network and learn something new, will be held each month prior to the conference on May 12.

Digital means more human

Why go digital today? Why not? Answers Gianni Catalfamo a former Co-Chairman of the world communication forum in Davos, Founder of cc:catalfamo – a consultancy boutique specialized in digital & social media leadership programs.


Is the future printed? Hopefully. We talked to Steven Watson – the founder of Stack Magazines – a service that delivers a different independent magazine to your door every month.

Peace of mind

ReputationTime Masterclass trainer Ilze Dzenovska suggests 3 must-read books on leadership, conflict transformation and mindfulness.


On May 13, 2016, for the second year, Latvia hosted an international reputation management conference, ReputationTime, on the importance of reputation management in the digital age. The conference and masterclasses were attended by 400 business leaders, communications and marketing professionals, influencers, media professionals and students from all over Europe. More than 1000 people followed it online on Lattelecom online TV channel “360TV Ideja”.

A journey for the mind

On May 16, as a guest of the annual ReputationTime conference, the Editor-in-Chief of ZEITmagazin Christoph Amend held an Open Lecture and Das Masterclass for media professionals to share the tips & tricks of making a quality magazine that can survive in the digital age.