Christophe Ginisty’s Masterclass Announcement

Yes – one of the brightest minds in public relations and Godfather of the ReputationTime conference concept will return in Riga for the third time! Join us on May 11th at 14:00 for Christophe Ginisty’s ‘Reputation Survival Kit – A Guide for Leaders’

Black Friday Book List

Thank you to everyone who came out for our ReputationTime “Black Friday” meetup at Cafe Film Noir! Attendees brought along their favourite book on politics, communications, or leadership and shared it with the group over a meal and drinks, which lead to

Era of Distrust – Protecting Your Reputation in the Digital Age

The disastrous removal of the United Airlines passenger and environmentally tragic BP oil spill are are only two instances out of countless other examples where inadequate communication on the part of a CEO has led to a corporation’s reputation being damaged, which in turn resulted in tremendous financial losses.

Why reputation matters to CEO’s

CEO’s and organisation’s key leaders are exposed like never before thanks to the social media era we live in. Not only are their business performances being appreciated or scrutinised, but also their behaviour, the way they communicate, the values they share, the consistency of their societal commitment, the way they treat employees – everything is scrutinized by a demanding audience in search of more transparency.


On May 12, 2017, for the third year, Riga hosted an international reputation management conference, ReputationTime, which was attended by more than 200 business leaders, communications and marketing professionals, influencers, media professionals and students from all over Europe.

ReputationTime izsludina īpašu programmu medijiem

Starptautiskās reputācijas vadības konferences ReputationTime ieskaņā 11. maijā plkst. 15:00 Rīgas Juridiskajā augstskolā ar Konrāda Adenauera fonda atbalstu notiks īpaša meistarklase medijiem, kuru vadīs NATO Stratēģiskās komunikācijas izcilības centra ekspertes Nika Aleksejeva un Nora Bitiniece.

A Meeting of Minds

In the lightning-fast world of technology and startups, new trends in communication pop up on a daily basis. But you may be surprised by the communicative tool that spurs a stunning amount of innovation and collaboration: the conference!

The Ultimate Guide on why to attend ReputationTime

Warren Buffett once said that it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. Won’t you? Ask yourself – what does your reputation say about you? Is your

Reputācija alternatīvās patiesības laikā

Agrāk teica, ka ar avīzi var nosist banku, tagad varētu pārfrāzēt: ar tvītiem var kļūt par ASV prezidentu… Sociālo mediju ietekme uz mūsu prātiem un emocijām patiešām pieaug, līdz ar to arī manipulēšanas kārdinājums. Kā neļaut sevi apmuļķot un pasargāt savu reputāciju?