ReputationTime 2018 keynote by Alastair Campbell on May 11th in Riga

I am very flattered that you have invited me, as that suggests you think I understand what on earth is going on in the world, when in truth I find it all very hard to fathom.

I may have helped Tony Blair win three elections, but I helped two losing Labour leaders since. I helped Remain over Leave, Hillary over Trump. I did, more happily, help Macron a little. But, prior to that I was helping Francois Hollande until he hit four percent in the polls – which is roughly the same proportion of people as genuinely believe that Elvis Presley is alive.

ReputationTime 2018 Opening

Opening speech introducing communicator, writer and strategist Alastair Campbell by ReputationTime 2018 Organiser Dagnija Lejiņa on May 11, 2018 at Cafe Film Noir in Riga.

Why the World of PR Is Changing

Our ReputationTime 2018 keynote speaker Alastair Campbell is a communications strategist, writer, and former director of communications for former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Campbell’s keynote will be on “Leadership Crisis Management in the Digital Media Age”. The following is from a speech he gave at the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs Annual Oration on 27 June, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia on communications and public relations.

Christophe Ginisty’s Masterclass Announcement

Yes – one of the brightest minds in public relations and Godfather of the ReputationTime conference concept will return in Riga for the third time! Join us on May 11th at 14:00 for Christophe Ginisty’s ‘Reputation Survival Kit – A Guide for Leaders’

Black Friday Book List

Thank you to everyone who came out for our ReputationTime “Black Friday” meetup at Cafe Film Noir! Attendees brought along their favourite book on politics, communications, or leadership and shared it with the group over a meal and drinks, which lead to

Era of Distrust – Protecting Your Reputation in the Digital Age

The disastrous removal of the United Airlines passenger and environmentally tragic BP oil spill are are only two instances out of countless other examples where inadequate communication on the part of a CEO has led to a corporation’s reputation being damaged, which in turn resulted in tremendous financial losses.