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A reputation crisis can break the most powerful politicians and governments, or bankrupt the biggest companies or banks. The new media age brings with it new communications challenges – effective leadership and a strong communications strategy are more essential than ever for existential survival during a reputation crisis.

Latvia is currently in the midst of a banking corruption scandal as it faces upcoming parliamentary elections. In the context of global online election meddling and the viral spread of ‘fake news’, there has never been a more crucial time to talk about the importance of crisis management for leaders. 

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Join us for the exclusive ReputationTime keynote Leadership Crisis Management in the Digital Media Age featuring controversial communicator, writer and strategist Alastair Campbell. He will discuss the challenges and strategies for winning over people’s minds and hearts in today’s digitally disruptive media environment.

Often described as the second most powerful figure in Britain, Campbell is best known for his role as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s spokesman, press secretary and director of communications and strategy. He was pivotal to the founding of the New Labour party and their sensational election victory in 1997.

Known globally for his public relations and leadership expertise, Campbell has written fourteen books in the past ten years, including eight volumes of diaries, four novels, a personal memoir on depression and the pursuit of happiness, and “Winners and How They Succeed”, a Number 1 best-selling analysis of what it takes to win in politics, business and sport.

He writes a monthly interview for GQ magazine, and has covered figures as varied as Prince William and Jose Mourinho, Al Gore and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Passionate about sport, he was written about different sports for The Times, the Irish Times and Esquire magazine.

The event will be held on May 11th at 18:00 at the Cafe Film Noir, 61 Elizabetes street.

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ReputationTime 2018 keynote by Alastair Campbell on May 11th in Riga

I am very flattered that you have invited me, as that suggests you think I understand what on earth is going on in the world, when in truth I find it all very hard to fathom.

I may have helped Tony Blair win three elections, but I helped two losing Labour leaders since. I helped Remain over Leave, Hillary over Trump. I did, more happily, help Macron a little. But, prior to that I was helping Francois Hollande until he hit four percent in the polls – which is roughly the same proportion of people as genuinely believe that Elvis Presley is alive.

ReputationTime 2018 Opening

Opening speech introducing communicator, writer and strategist Alastair Campbell by ReputationTime 2018 Organiser Dagnija Lejiņa on May 11, 2018 at Cafe Film Noir in Riga.

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Cafe Film Noir, 61 Elizabetes street

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