In Praise of Slow: Life & Communication at The Right Speed in the Digital Age /

The pace, the escalation of crisis and the pressure communications and business professionals receive from leadership can make careers feel tiresome and bring burn out faster than ever. The inability to balance family and personal interests creates a seething resentment that we bury as we continue to put on a professional demeanour.

When we forget how to slow down, every aspect of our life suffers – our relationships, families and communities, work even our diet and health. But there is an alternative to today’s roadrunner culture. It’s called the Slow movement. Being Slow is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace; it’s about doing everything at the right speed. Slowing down at the right moments can bring more depth, pleasure and meaning to your life. It can boost your happiness and make you more efficient, productive and creative. It can also strengthen your relationships and help you communicate better. During this keynote Carl will focus on five key areas where slowing down pays dividends: work, exercise, medicine, sex, education and parenting.

Carl Honorè Keynote and Networking Event - Moved to Digital Freedom Festival! /

Join us for the exclusive ReputationTime keynote In Praise of Slow: Life & Communication at The Right Speed in the Digital Age featuring the global voice of the Slow Movement, award-winning writer, broadcaster and TED speaker Carl Honorè at the global technology, policy, startup and lifestyle festival – Digital Freedom Festival Novemeber 14 – 15, that will take place at the Latvian Society House.

Carl hosts a podcast called The Slow Revolution and his TED talk on the benefits of slowing down has been viewed 2.8 million times. His audiences range from C-suite executives, entrepreneurs and IT professionals to teachers, academics and medical practitioners. His clients range from Microsoft, Barclays and Reuters to Citibank, Accenture and Unilever to McKinsey, L’Oréal and Haagen Dazs. As a former journalist Carl covered stories at the Economist, Observer, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, Time, National Post. 

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Carl Honoré on The Art of Living Slowly

What is the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning? Draw the curtains? Roll over to snuggle up to with your partner or pillow? Spring out of bed and do ten push-ups to get the blood pumping?

Stresa kontrole: Biohakeru Kaspara Vendeļa un Māra Žundas 15 praktiski padomi

Piektās ReputationTime sezonas un šī gada tēmas #Slow jeb “lēnā revolūcija” ietvaros 20. martā norisinājās pirmā praktiskā meistarklase, “Stresa kontrole”, kopā ar konferences un komūnas dibinātāju Kasparu Vendeli un Rūdīšanās skolas vadītāju Māri Žundu. Lēnā revolūcija” ir kustība, kas māca gūt

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