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Christophe Ginisty (FR)

Digital Strategist, Social media intelligence expert, founder of AGOREP, Creator of the ReputationTime cycle of conferences

Masterclass “Reputation for CEO’s”

By Christophe Ginisty (FR), Social Media and Digital Transformation Expert, Marketing Content Strategy and International PR specialist

Time: July 4, 15:00 – 18:00

Venue: OraculeTang Space, Doma laukums 2, Riga, Latvia


According to many surveys, a reputation threat is frequently ranked at the top of CEO’s concerns because it has a crucial impact on the company’s future. The rise of fake news and rumours is challenging leaders more than ever, asking them to fight again false highly emotional assumptions.

Reputation management is not a communication challenge but a strategic one. It is about understanding how clients will want to deal (or not) with one organisation, how investors will trust (or not) the business plan, how the best talents will be keen to apply for a position and how the CEO’s will be able to have an impact and be trusted.

This masterclass will be an opportunity for CEO’s and their executive advisors to discover how to properly handle reputation management and keep their organisation trusted.

Who should attend?

Communication, marketing and HR executives directly involved with CEO communication strategies, and as well CEO’s, key corporate executives should attend this masterclass to better handle reputation management challenges.

The Trainer

Christophe Ginisty – Godfather and creator of the ReputationTime cycle of conferences, former President of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), digital strategist, passionate activist and freedom of speech advocate. Social Media and Digital Transformation Expert, he is the founder of AGOREP, a consulting firm specialized in strategic social media intelligence.

Christophe Ginisty is French, lives in Belgium and travels the world to promote a smarter approach to digital culture. Christophe started his career at the age of 24 when he founded Rumeur Publique, a PR business specializing in technology that became one of the leading agencies in the French market. In 2011. Edelman appointed him “European Digital / Technology Evangelist” with the responsibility of Deputy Managing Director, EMEA. In 2013, since he was elected President of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), he created ReputationWar to kick off in 2015. He recently was Head of Digital for the Benelux at Kechum.

His ambition is to establish the leading event in Europe on Reputation Management in the digital age. Passionate about the impact of social media on society, he started his blog in 2004 and founded Internet sans Frontières (Internet without borders) in 2008, an NGO dedicated to the promotion of, and advocacy for the freedom of speech online. He is a published author on the digital revolution and a frequent contributor to marketing and communications publications. An international speaker, Christophe is also a visiting professor on Public Relations and Digital Strategy at INSEEC Paris and ESG Group.


This masterclass will cover areas such as:

  • The reality of the reputation challenge for CEO’s and executives.
  • How should CEO’s and executive measure reputation?
  • How to identify reputation threats?
  • What are the winning engagement strategies for CEO’s and executives?
  • How to remain trusted in a fake news world?  
  • What are the key strategies to stand out from the crowd?


The masterclass will:

  • Help attendees understand how to deal with reputation challenges;
  • Bring practical tools to evaluate the risks as well as the opportunities;
  • Provide smart techniques to personally engage and leverage CEO’s profiles online.
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