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2017, RIGA

Reputation in the 'post-truth' world /

The ReputationTime conference and masterclasses in Riga, May 12, 2017 will search for the answers on how technologies empower us to communicate and connect, and what are the challenges and strategies to win over people’s minds and hearts in this very disruptive environment.

There is no doubt that the digital revolution drives a profound disruption and massive cultural, economic, social and political changes. Whether it is artificial intelligence, internet of things, social media… – progress in all these areas also affects how we communicate and connect to each other. However, it also has a dark side. As the trust towards media, politicians and business corporations continues to decline dramatically, it gives a chance for unprecedented emotional manipulation. In the light of Brexit and Trump’s win, the Oxford Dictionaries even announced the “post-truth” as the term of the year 2016.

ReputationTime 2017 will discuss the impact of technologies and what are the winning strategies for business leaders, politicians and civil activists.

The Conference working language is English. Masterclasses will be held in English and Latvian.

Speakers of ReputationTime 2017 /

Former Minister for Digital Affairs


Senior Director and Head of Crisis Communications at FTI Consulting


Director Contests at World Press Photo


Founder of Tallinn Music Week


Digital Strategist, Social media intelligence expert, founder of AGOREP, Creator of the ReputationTime cycle of conferences


Co-founder, Senior Partner at Lejiņa & Šleiers reputation management agency


Journalist and presenter with almost 20 years experience. PhD in international politics, assistant professor at RSU.


Director of the NATO StratCom COE and former Latvian State Secretary of Defence


The Night Mayor of Amsterdam and an experienced creative director for events


Public Relations expert with more than 20 years of experience


More to come....


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Warren Buffett once said that it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. Won’t you? Ask yourself – what does your reputation say about you? Is your

Reputācija alternatīvās patiesības laikā

Agrāk teica, ka ar avīzi var nosist banku, tagad varētu pārfrāzēt: ar tvītiem var kļūt par ASV prezidentu… Sociālo mediju ietekme uz mūsu prātiem un emocijām patiešām pieaug, līdz ar to arī manipulēšanas kārdinājums. Kā neļaut sevi apmuļķot un pasargāt savu reputāciju?


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